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Roche industries offers 5 types of toggle clamps, vertical toggle clamps, horizontal toggle clamps, push-pull toggle clamps, latch type toggle clamps, and pneumatic toggle clamps.

Vertical toggle clamps are one of the most popular types of toggle clamp among engineering and woodwork manufacturing because of its versatility. These toggle clamps can enable the users to apply even low effort force in creating high effort clamping force.

Also, vertical toggle clamps can hold even a huge amount of pressure. They are also known as the vertical hold down or vertical handle toggle clamps because their handles are vertical.

Horizontal toggle clamps also named horizontal hold-down toggle clamps or horizontal handle toggle clamps. They are almost similar to the vertical toggle clamps. However, there is something different about these toggle clamp mechanism. The toggle clamp’s handle and hold down bar is different from the vertical toggle clamps.

The horizontal hold-down toggle clamps move in different directions. It also has a quick clamping mechanism. The grip clamp handle with cushioned rib profile can make the user more comfortable and safe.

Push-pull Toggle Clamps are known for producing straight-line push action using a plunger mechanism. This type of toggle clamp has a similarity to Horizontal Toggle Clamp in terms of low profile. As a result, they become more suitable to any height restriction or even with the tight woodwork applications.

Push-Pull Toggle Clamps are specially designed to provide the users with straight-line clamping force starting from the device itself up to the workpiece. This type of clamp lets the users in applying just low input force to produce high output force. A Push-Pull Toggle Clamp is characterized by over-center locking ability so that opening of the clamp during the work holding can be prevented.

Latch type toggle clamps also called latch hook toggle clamp or pull action toggle clamps. These latch type clamps operate on a horizontal plane, get pull two sides together, or at 90 degrees. Our latch type clamps have the advantage of having a low profile and make it most suitable for applications having a height restriction.

Their hook action latch clamp mechanism can make clamp ideally suited for applications on mold cabinet lids, quick release covers, hatches, doors.
These latch type toggle clamps are manufactured with holding capacities up to 33,4kN.

There are three basic types of clamp latch: Fixed latch type toggle clamps, U-hook type toggle clamps, J-hook type toggle clamps

Pneumatic Toggle Clamps are available in three distinctive versions for pneumatic clamping.
Vertically acting mechanisms, which share the features of the equivalent manual series, from which they are derived.

Straight-line action mechanisms providing a straight line output force similar to a push-pull toggle clamp. Swing action cylinder clamps operating on a helix principle.

The obvious benefits offered by air-powered pneumatic push-pull toggle clamps are the increased productivity and safety offered by the fully automatic hands-free operation. Prevention of accidental handle opening even if the air supply is disconnected.

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