Choosing the right cabinet hardware is part of the decisions that you must make to design your house a home. It also happens especially when you are building or remodeling your house.

Cabinets are reasonable investments in your house or office. Getting the best hardware for your cabinet will enhance the look and the feel of your house. As you plan for your kitchen or office, a cabinet must not be an afterthought.

What exactly are cabinet hardware? The answer is simple. It is anything that will fall between cabinet knobs, cabinet handles, cabinet pulls, and cabinet hinges. You will need cabinet knobs and pulls while performing finishing touches to improve your home décor.

As a homeowner, you should select the right cabinet hardware that is dependable to withstand frequent use. Most importantly, it should serve you for a longer duration. Let’s discover more.

Types of Cabinet Hardware

· Hinges

There are different types of hinges that you can involve to design your cabinetry. Different designs will define your hinge options to enhance the functionality of your cabinet.

As mentioned earlier, the most common types of hinges are; European hinges featuring a soft-close design. We also have the solid brass butt hinges that serve an inset door. You should purchase a hinge that will match your needs.

· Knobs 

Knob manifest in various designs such as square or mushroom. Depending on your personal preference, you should select the one that serves you satisfactorily. A knob is principally jewelry of your cabinet. Get the right brand that will give you a better style and finish your kitchen or office design.

· Pulls

Black Drawer Pulls

Most importantly, it also depends on your personal preferences. Some knobs will require at least two screws for installation. However, some options may not require any screw installation.

There are different types of pulls. For instance, you can mount drop-handle pulls to a drawer. On the other hand, finger pulls are ideal for mounting to the top edge of your cabinet.

· Locks

The primary role of lock accessories is to protect your accessories. The different locks include plunger locks, cam locks, disc tumbler locks, or touchpad locker locks. You will encounter some cabinet locks which the manufacturer master keyed or keyed alike.

· Drawer Slides 

Also known as drawer runners or drawer glides. They will give you an effortless and smooth opening of drawers for both commercial and residential applications. Drawer slides come in various designs, ball-bearing drawer slides, self-closing slides, full extension drawer slides, and more.

· Catches and Latches

You can use them for various applications. For instance, you can use touch latches to operate media cabinets. Still, you can involve soft-close bumpers for slam-free and quiet closing. A double door design may require elbow catches.

· LED Under Cabinet Lighting

It is a must-have for any kitchen cabinet set. It enhances the visual impacts of cabinet hardware and other built-ins. Furthermore, it improves your cabinet’s functionality by assisting you to access interior items with minimal effort.

· Lid Stays and Support

You can use them for different applications. They include toy box lids, chest lids, or upward-opening of doors. As if that is not over, they also help in the downward opening of flap doors. They can be the perfect choice for lids and doors that require to come down slowly.

Buying Guide for the Cabinet Hardware

As you begin building your home or a commercial enterprise, you will have to make individual decisions. Among the critical decisions is on how to choose your cabinet hardware. But that is not all. You will require to have those beautiful cabinets.

Many are struggling to know the style, size, and finish of the cabinet hardware; then you are on the right page. Furthermore, if you are unsure of the type of components your cabinet should have, this article will offer you an overview of choosing them rightly.

As you choose the cabinet hardware, think of the number of times you will frequently touch them daily. Let’s get started.

1. Style

The hardware of your cabinet will speak volumes about the kind of cabinet you may choose. For instance, if you are settling for traditionally styled cabinets, you will require traditional hardware to match the intricate face profiles.

Other cabinets will just have a simple style and, therefore, will require minimal, streamlined pulls and knobs. Interestingly, modern cabinets will not need hardware at all. Alternatively, you can open them by pushing latches. Others have grooves on the door edges.

The shaker style cabinets will require cup pulls. Recessed hardware can make an elegant and modern look cabinet though a bit costly. You can involve a slim and modern finger pull hardware that can be the right choice for flat front cabinets.

2. Finish

There exist different types of cabinet hardware finish that you will encounter. Some examples are polished chrome finish, oil-rubberized bronze, brass or gold, brushed nickel, or more.

Multiple manufacturers are responsible for varying finishes. For example, oil-rubberized bronze will vary loudly. Other versions of the same will have more of a rust color. You should keep the hardware finishes that match the home décor.

It is interesting to discover that there is no right or wrong hardware finish. It all depends on what will touch your heart. Primarily, cabinet hardware finish includes light fixtures or cabinet hinges and so on.

3. Size

The size of the hardware you want to settle for will largely depend on the overall design of your home. For example, a 9-inch long pull will offer a contemporary look. 5 to 7-inch mid-length pull is more traditional or transitional.

As a design element, the hardware size is more particular to pulls. However, the size of the knob will not have any impact on the style. You are at liberty to mix the sizes of your pull. Alternatively, you can use similar sizes throughout your room.

Smaller drawers that are less than 12 inches will work optimally with a 3-4 inches long pull. It will also accommodate a 1-inch knob in diameter.

Those medium drawers that are less than 30 inches will tolerate the pull that ranges from 4-8 inches long. An appropriate knob should have a diameter that ranges from 1 to1.5 inches.

Large drawers that are beyond 30 inches will suit a pull that is 8 inches long while a knob diameter of 1 inch or more. It will also work great if you use two knobs or pulls for a healthy option.

4. Comfort

Proper hardware should allow you to open and shut down the cabinets quickly. Furthermore, it should assist you in actively opening drawers with ease. You should choose the cabinet hardware that is not challenging to manage or feel uncomfortable as you grip it.

You can examine the hardware by testing it in the showroom. The right one will not let your fingers to cram together as you begin to work. Focus your attention on the edges. Try to discover if they are sharp or will cause discomfort in any way.

Another tip is to pass them to your cloth to know if it will rip or catch. Most importantly, to toddlers and pets. It should not hurt their bodies or cause their clothing to sag.

5. Mixing Materials

It all depends on what your heart loves. For instance, you can decide to mix metals, finishes, and materials. The overall results will be more curated, layered, and have a designed look. As a result, the kitchen will have a high-end look.

If your decision supports mixing, then do it professionally. For instance, you can mix knobs and pulls. It will be reasonable to avoid mixing hardware finishes and styles within one room.

Make sure that the pulls and knobs you select should complement each other. For instance, you should not mix a traditional knob with a contemporary bar pull. You should have a cohesive combination of the used hardware.

6. Budget

A budget will dictate the type of cabinet hardware remodeling decisions. Quality should ring a bell when you decide the type of materials to use. You can access the hardware cabinet showrooms to select the high-quality hardware that befits your budget.

Typically, pulls are more costly than knobs. Factors that affect pricing are size, design, or finish. You should not sacrifice quality in terms of price. The cabinet should be sturdy and durable.

It is critical for you to buy extra hardware so that should one get damaged, you will have an alternative to perform cabinet hardware replacement. After all, it all relies on your preference.

Why Custom Kitchen Cabinets

a) Gain More Storage Space

Some kitchens have less cabinetry when compared to the size of the room. Stock cabinets will fit a standard kitchen. As a result, they may leave some blank spaces where the stock cabinets will not fit.

In response, you can order the required size of the cabinet top maximize all wasted areas. Thus, it will add to your storage spaces. Creatively, you may add island cabinets or spice cabinets, which will increase your storage capacity than stock cabinets.

b) To suit your Style

The custom cabinets are ideal since they can suit any design preference, lifestyle, storage inclination, or cooking habits. Do you know that stock cabinets will only fit a particular style?

c) Higher Quality Craftsmanship

The custom cabinets have a properly built hardware, which makes them last longer than other cabinets. The other difference is that custom cabinets will require a designer who will make them per your needs. The stock cabinet comes directly from the factory.

Also, customer cabinets use intricate joints that will hold their pieces together. On the other hand, stock cabinets will only require inexpensive glue and nails for joining the pieces together.

d) Eco-Friendly Approach

It will be challenging to determine the ecological footprint of the materials used to make stock cabinets. As you select the custom cabinets, you can use eco-friendly materials like wood or other recycled materials.

Cleaning Cabinet Hardware

If you have a metal cabinet hardware, you need to perform regular cleanings. You should clean to eliminate dirt and bacteria that come from your hand. It also removes the grease that results from your cooking.

You can maintain cleanliness in your daily, weekly, or monthly routine. You can start by performing the following steps:

Soap and water

Fill the basin with water and add olive-based soap. You can now dip the rag in the soap water and begin to wring it out. Using the rag, wipe the cabinet rag. Rinse the same rag and repeat the same process to eliminate the soap residue. You can now buff the hardware by using a dry chemosis cloth for polishing and shining it.

Vinegar Cleaning Solution

Add half a cup of vinegar and half a cup of water into your spray bottle. Shake the bottle to mix correctly. Spray the vinegar solution to your rag to make it damp. You can now wipe the hardware with the soaked rag.

If necessary, you can rinse the cloth or wet it with vinegar mixture. The purpose of vinegar is to kill any bacteria that may be surviving on the surface of the cabinet hardware.

You can still achieve a commendable shine by wiping the hardware with alcohol. It also eliminates water spots. It does a perfect sanitization.


If you are working with bleach, it is vital to wear rubber gloves. Furthermore, you should make sure the windows are open to ensure there is enough air circulation in the room.

Wrapping Up

Having the right cabinet for use is everyone’s desire. However, it is not easy for buyers to know the right components that they should have to customize their ideal cabinet. As you follow the tips from this article, you will never go wrong about it.

Several models exist in the market. At this point, you may require expert advice to land the right ones. The good news is; all the details and information in this piece carries all your answers. Maximize it to the end and procure a smile on your face.

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